Scooter Croxer

  • Suitable for children aged 6+ years with weight up to 50 kg
  • The handlebar can be adjusted in 3 positions from 77 to 85 cm height from deck
  • Rubber anti-slip handle grips
  • Rear wheel brake
  • Very lightweight - only 2.6 kg
  • Wheel diameter – 2*120 mm and 2*76 mm
  • Wheel width - 24 mm
  • Precision bearings
  • Deck length 320 mm
  • The handlebar can be folded for compact storage
  • Front and rear wheels with colourful lights

DSCR01701BL син
DSCR01702PI pink
DSCR01703GR green
DSCR01704OR orange
DSCR01705BK black
DSCR01706FL flowers
DSCR01707YG yellow graffiti
DSCR01708OG orange graffiti
DSCR01709SG street graffiti
DSCR01710PG purple graffiti
DSCR01711FG fucsia graffiti
DSCR01712WO wolf
DSCR01713CS color splash
DSCR01714WH white
DSCR01715RO roses

Instructions for use

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