Useful safety tips for when using toys

Toys are a very important part of everyday life for every child. They are constantly with them and it is a very common case for the kids to get attached to them the same way as to a real person. They teach them colors, sounds, letters and movement. Moreover, many of them inspire the creative skills of children. In order for you to stay calm while your child is playing with a favorite toy, you need to know a few safety rules. 

Firstly, when you purchase a new toy for your child it is mandatory for you to check the labels on the box, so that you can know whether the toy has been tested and if it is safe to play. Then you have to check the indicated age. If your child is under the age that the producers have indicated it is best not to allow him to play with this toy as it may have small parts, which constitute a danger to him. Also, look if there are production warnings or an instruction booklet and read them so that you can learn more about the product. They are there to help you. Once you have checked the toy carefully and unpacked it, make sure that you discard all plastic packaging because they can also pose a danger to children. If you need to assemble, the toy before use do not forget to follow exactly the instructions of the manufacturer. The toys that Chipolino offers are manufactured in compliance with all standards from 100 % safe materials. You can find them online at, in the BabySpot stores in Plovdiv and Sofia and with our partners in the country.