Chipolino Presentation 2015

It has became a tradition for Chipolino to organize a presentation with all of our partners from Bulgaria at the end of November. At the end of last month we had the pleasure and opportunity to share what the past 2015 was for us, we were able to get  feedback regarding how are partners are developing and as well as that we answered all of their questions related to the problems that they might have and the development opportunities for them. We communicated to them the results from our marketing activities and studies, as well as that we touched upon what has changed in the internet space and what trends we should expect in 2016 and how to overcome the shrinking market together. We presented the new collections for the brands: Chipolino, CAM, neoNato, Carra, Cosatto, ABC Design, Navington, X-lander, Baby Merc.

We had special guests from the CAM and neoNato family who flew from Italy to present in person some of their new models for the upcoming year. Particular attention was paid to the brand neoNato and their new concept – the opportunity for the client to configure their own individual design. This is an innovation for them with the aim to build a different image for the brand and to add value as well.

Of course there was time for dates and for a glass of wine, we had a quiz with prizes as well with the opportunity for conversations in an informal environment.

Chipolino is grateful to all of the guests for the fruitful meeting and the successful partnership.