Let's welcome the summer :)

Summer is almost here. However summer days in addition to the wonderful weather for endless and entertaining walks outside bring certain unpleasant surprises as well. The warm sun rays  which we all can not wait for hide quite a few hazards for our children. We have thought about that and offer you a number of ways by which you can protect the gentle skin of your child from the UV rays and continue being delighted by the fantastic weather.

Since the sun shades of the baby strollers do not always manage to make enough shade for the child it is recommended if you are going on a long walk to use a baby stroller umbrella or an additional covering (type 1 and type 2). They are flexible and can easily be attached to each model of  baby stroller.

When traveling with a car the children are exposed to the dangerous sun rays as well. Do not leave them unsafe. The easiest way to protect them is by using a car sun shade – they can be easily attached to the window of the car with the help of vacuum paws and they cut down the sun light and warmth while you are traveling.

During the summer with every purchase of a car seat you receive as a gift a set of car sun shades. The promotion is applicable in our BabySpot stores in Plovdiv (ul. Golyamokonarsko shose 1) and Sofiya (ul. Todor Kableshkov 53, Shopping Centre Friends) and on our online store: e-chipolino.com until 22.09.2016 or until the stock is available.