The first baby of Plovdiv for 2016 was christened at UMBAL ‘‘St. George“

On January 21st, the Day of the Midwife the first baby of Plovdiv for 2016 was christened. The ceremony began with a ritually washing of the hands of doctors and midwifes at the hospital in order to re-create the ritual of the holiday popular as Grandmother‘s day. The director of the health facility, professor Karen Dzhambazov congratulated his colleagues and wished for more healthy children to be born.

The honor of christening little Ilkay who was born only a minute after the New Year began was given to the Mayor of West District of Plovdiv, Dimitar Kolev. He wished him to be healthy and happy, to achive all of his matters, to be a good role model, to be a pride for his mother and father and he equiped him with a warm union suit for the winter and a baby car seat. Chipolino as well  participated in the holiday of the hospital and made the little man and his parents happy with a highchair.

Chipolino thanks UMBAL ‘‘St. George for the invitation to join the christening of the first baby of Plovdiv for 2016!