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Laboratory tested
Лабораторно тествани
EN conformity
EN съответствие
100% safe
100% безопасност
No harmful substances
Без опасни субстанции
Chipolino EOOD is considered the market leader
for baby goods in Bulgaria. The company has
more than twenty years of experience and during
this period we have managed to win the trust
of a very large number of parents who have
become our trusted clients and friends. We work
with all of the major retailers in Bulgaria and with
over a hundred retail stores across the country,
and also we have representatives in over 30
countries worldwide. We offer a wide variety of
unique products in the portfolio of our brand and
thus manage to take care of every little angel.
We are proud that customers choose us despite
the huge choice on the market. The main reasons
are that everyday our team of professionals creates
products with better value and comfortable,
modern and innovative design that always keeps
up with the latest trends in the market for children’s
goods. Our baby strollers are made of high quality
materials and are accorded with what parents
want so that they can raise their child in an easy,
fun and entertaining way. Our products are stylish
and practical, just like mothers who prefer them.
To ensure the tranquility of our customers, all goods
with the brand Chipolino are tested in compliance
with European safety standards.
More than half a million babies have started their
life in a baby stroller produced by us, furthermore
several million children have grown with our
products during the years. This speaks for our
expertise, responsibility and care.
For years, we have been distributing European and
global brands on our territory as part of our efforts to
meet the demands and tastes of each parent. This
way by giving everyone what they need we make
sure the parents and babies in Bulgaria do not miss
We wish you a lot of magic during the parenthood
that our products will turn into a magical beginning
for you and your child.
Chipolino is part of the MAXEUROPE holding – one of
the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe.
“Children see magic because they look for it.”
Christopher Moore